Welcome to the Official SinisterPrison Webstore!

We thank you for showing interest in our store, and offering your financial support by purchasing packages on our Server!

On our store we offer a wide variety of packages, ranging from as small as a cosmetic tag, all the way up to a full Rank Package that includes shops, mines, with tons of perks! Each donor rank will grant access to progressively better perks!

For the occasion where you don't see something you like, feel free to suggest it in the Discord server and we will do our best to fulfill your desires. Furthermore, with every purchase our management team can work with more and more funds to ensure that you have the best gaming experience possible. The more donations we receive per-season, the larger competitions we can offer, with larger payouts going back to the community! We would not be able to offer massive weekly payouts, and continue adding amazing custom features to our server without you, the donator! So thank you!

Important Information

  • As you purchase your items from our store, they will be processed through Buycraft/Tebex. (Minecraft/Mojang have nothing to do with our server store, please don't contact them.)

  • You should typically receive your items a few moments after your purchase. If you do not receive your items, please make a Support Ticked on our Discord.

  • If you are considered a child, we recommend an adult/parent makes the purchase. 

Refund & Privacy 

  • Upon making a purchase you are to agree with our refund policy. This means:

  • You are not to make a chargeback for your items. If you have received them or not, you will be instantly blacklisted from our server. If you have not received your items, contact a member of staff as a chargeback is not recommended. 

  • The items you purchase gives you an in-game advantage and due to this, we do not offer refunds under any circumstance. If your account is banned for valid reasons, you will not be refunded either!



Sinister LLC. is not in any way affiliated with minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Minecraft Corporation. 

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